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Inspired by the unique and colorful culture of New Orleans, Jenny SayQua Coats are bold, colorful, and shapely.
JSQ brings the fun of the Crescent City to towns and cities around the country in fashionable feminine outerwear.


Trench Coat Women's Dusty Rose Cream Off White

Pink Cotton Trench Coat (The Conti)

Casual White Ivory Coat Lapels Prytania

White Casual Winter Coat (The Prytania)

Brown Plaid Kilt Coat Buttons Red Iberville

Brown Plaid Kilt Coat (The Iberville)

Bomber Jacket Feminine Purple Plaid Short

Plaid Bomber Jacket (the General Degaulle)

Velvet Coat Navy Dark Blue Full Length Bienville

Navy Blue Velvet Coat (The Bienville)

Purple Vegan Wool A-Line Coat Faux Belt Buttons

Blue Vegan Wool Coat (The St. Claude)

PurpleVegan Wool Casual Coat Belt Buttons

Purple Vegan Wool Coat (The St. Claude)

Skater Coat Red Scarlet Vermillion Belt Lapel

Vermilion Red Skating Coat (The Dauphine)

Red White Down Puffer Coat Pockets Carollton

Red Down Puffer Coat (The Carollton)

Gray Grey Down Coat Jacket Puffer Puffy Bubble

Gray Down Puffer Coat (The Carollton)

Black Velvet Military Evening Coat Buttons Belt Red Gold Military

Black Velvet Military Coat

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JSQ Cares about your Satisfaction!

JSQ seeks to provide customer care on par with the outstanding quality of our coats and accessories. We like to keep our relationships with our customers simple. So this is how it works:

If you are not happy with your JSQ product, please return it in the shipping box using the return label that will be provided to you in an email for a full refund (though we don't think you will ever want to do this).

If something doesn't fit or isn't quite right, please return it in the shipping box using the return label that will be provided to you in an email.

As soon as you inform us of the issue, we will immediately email the return label and send a replacement product or refund.

We are easy to reach at

Are You A Buyer?

If you are a buyer for a retail outlet, JSQ Studio is interested in exploring a partnership with you. We offer our styles at wholesale for qualified retailers.

Please contact